Today In Therapy…

I came to therapy today with nothing in particular that I felt I needed to share. I did tell my therapist about a friend coming over yesterday evening and discussing commitment issues with said friend. Naturally, that quickly turned into today’s topic in my therapy session.

My therapist began by asking me if it was okay to visit the past, but not live in it- in terms of where we’re getting most of our information from. I’m fine with whatever, so I said yes.

He then asked me to retell what I told my friend last night, so I went over all of my relationships, one by one, and told him about all the moments I decided (and then internally celebrated) in each of them to end the relationship.

Then, he asked me to describe what it was like growing up with my now divorced parents. So, I recalled that I didn’t remember mom and dad ever being affectionate; I remember one hug in the middle of the living room, and I must have been quite young. I remembered dad sitting on the couch every night eating popcorn and drinking beer while mom was in the kitchen or reading. I recollected that for a few years, mom would come sleep on my top bunk every night instead of sleeping with dad. I knew dad snored, but looking back, I feel like that was a good excuse to cover up the true reason she didn’t want to be in the same bed as him.

Long story short, I grew up in a household that stayed together “for the kids”. There was a sense of loyalty they felt to our family unit and to us children, but the romance and intimate love was no longer present- and hadn’t been present at all in a decade.

The conclusion my therapist and I came up with today is that I have a fear of real, earth-shattering, ground-moving love. It is something that I feel doesn’t exist. At the same token, I do go searching for it every now and again and I give my everything to that individual for the time we are together. I am very open, honest, and loyal with my partners. I am even so concerned with loyalty and faithfulness that I will stay in a relationship even when I am no longer in love and then I search for a convenient outside factor or other reason to end things with people. For most of my relationships, I have done this.

Something I also have to be aware of and keep in mind is that even though I have clear commitment issues, my previous relationships were not built for long-term. There were major issues (or reasons we just weren’t a good match) in each one, no doubt. I think that even without these “let’s kill the relationship ASAP” issues, I believe that each of these relationships was not going to last.

With all that being said, I feel that it is difficult for me to be truly convinced of the extremity of my commitment issues, but I am fully aware that there is something there and I am working on piecing it all together.

My homework assignment to bring to the next session is for me to connect the things we discussed today with the flowchart that I made last week. Basically, my flow chart outlined my mental and physical process when having “what if” questions, when feeling anxious, and also when I’m having an actual panic attack.

As I connect these two sessions, I will write about my findings.

Pet Peeves on Dating Apps

As you all know, I have entered the world of dating apps. I have a few chats open with a few different women and I just can’t catch a break! They’re all doing the things I hate!

  • No one is making the first move. Mind you, I don’t mind, I will message people no problem, but literally NO ONE is messaging me first. Ugh.
  • I’m asking ALL the questions. Do they even want to know anything about me?
  • Going off of that last bullet, I also hate when people answer my questions beautifully, like super detail, almost paragraphs, and then they STILL don’t ask me anything.
  • “Cool.”, “K.”, “That’s good.”. Need I even say more about these types of responses??? What is wrong people? How am I supposed to bounce off of that?
  • Some girls will set you up to ask them out, but when you do they back out. That happened to me recently. She said she’d never been somewhere I mentioned, and said she’d love to go sometime, but didn’t want to go alone. I proposed we go the following week to check it out and she says that she’s didn’t really want to go out after work, maybe the weekend, but probably not. It was weird. She said she would let me know as the date got closer, but that never happened. I stopped texting her and she never texted me either. So that was fun.

I also don’t like how the scammer messages are always like, “I missed my flight, I’m only here for one night, are u busy??” LMAO. It’s Monday. I’m at work, bitch. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s actually a scammer and who’s actually stuck in town (haha).

So, I’m on dating apps. It’s a blast. I’ll keep you all updated on my interactions.