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6/24/2021 9:00AM My friend, who I have previously written about, is currently in the ICU. I don’t actually know if he is dead or alive right now because the doctors were not too confident about him making it through the night. My friend is an alcoholic and has been one for decades. His father died […]

Actually moving.

In my last post I explained how we were planning on moving out of our apartment early and moving into a rental house. I also posted updates sharing how we got denied for all of the houses we viewed. It seems that no one wants to rent to young adults with no kids and no […]


I have a friend who is an alcoholic. I received a text from his roommate today letting me know that he is probably going to die in the next week or so and I should come down to say good-bye. He is yellow, he is retaining fluid in his feet, he has a wet cough […]

Moving Time!

Life has been a little crazy. Our lease does not end until November; however, we are moving out anyway because this apartment was not made to hold two people working from home. My office is currently in our bedroom, so I don’t have that nice work-life balance. I have been wanting to break the lease […]

Familial Reactions to Our Engagement

Charlene and I got engaged about one year ago and it has been almost 6 months since we told our friends and family about our engagement. I was going to write this blog post a few weeks after telling people, but I decided to wait until now. I think I will do this bullet point […]